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Airwrap Mesh 4 Sides provides airflow in cot! Helps prevent little arms and legs getting tangled!

Airwap Mesh is a  breathable mesh fabric for cots with 4 slatted sides, allowing for maximum airflow as your baby sleeps peacefully. Airwrap Mesh protects baby from knocking themselves and getting tangled while they sleep in the framework of the cot. The Airwrap Mesh sides will also prevent baby from getting leverage and trying climb out of their cot as it will collapse when they put their foot on it or pull themselves up

  • Made from a Polyester mesh, trimmed with polyester cotton.
  • Airwrap Mesh 4 Sides offers side protection for cots with all 4 sides slatted .
  • Contains: 4 Pieces, that will attach to each of the cots slatted sides. 2 Long pieces and 2 short pieces for the cot ends.
  • NOTE: This product is not suitable for cots with solid ends or wider or sleigh slatted cots. AIRWRAP Mesh 2 sides may suit these cots.



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