Lotus Blooming Bath




Lotus Blooming Bath- Making baby bath time fun and safe!

Lotus Blooming Bath is the new and improved designed bath aid from Blooming Bath. Instead of the original 6 petals, the Lotus Blooming Bath has 4 wider petals. This provides more comfort and safety for your baby.

  • Simple and elegant.
  • The Lotus Blooming Bath comes in 4 design colours.
  • NB: Colour ranges change from time to time and we are not able to get old colours once they have been discontinued from suppliers range. 
  • It is easier to wring out and it dries faster.
  • Made from a fast drying polyurethane foam on the inside and an ultra soft crystal minky fabric on the outside.
  • A comfortable and fun way for your baby to have a bath.
  • The Lotus Blooming Bath is an easy lightweight portable baby bath that can be folded and packed in a suitcase to be taken with you wherever you may travel with your baby.
  • The best baby bath and the only one you’ll ever need!


  • The Lotus Blooming Bath is a perfect new born baby bath and will cater from newborn through to 6 months old.
  • The sink holds the petals of the Lotus Blooming Bath up providing a soft safe area for you to wash your baby.
  • There is no regulated weight sizing as babies vary dramatically in size.   

Caring for Your Blooming Bath:

  • The Lotus Blooming Bath is so easy to care for. Simply squeeze out excess water, machine wash on a gentle cycle and either dry on a line or in the drier.

At Little Blessings we believe that the Lotus Blooming Bath is the softest baby flower bath on the market! If it isn’t the Lotus Blooming Bath, then your not getting the genuine bath, so watch out for imitations.


  • Each petal measures 84cm with the centre measuring 20.5cm. The video shows the original Blooming Bath and not the Lotus. New video coming soon.

   How To Use The Lotus Blooming Bath: 

  • Plug the sink, place the Lotus Blooming Bath into the sink and fill to the desired level and temperature and place baby onto the flower.
  • NB: Never run the water directly over the baby while in sink as temperatures can change while water is running.

NB: None of the products from Blooming Bath are treated with any harmful chemicals or flame retardants.  At Little Blessings we strive to provide the best products for your baby.

  •  There many imitations on the market, many of which could be treated with harmful chemicals that can hurt your baby’s skin so please be careful.


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